5 Numbers to Know Before The 2023 Blue-White Game

As some of you may know, I spent most of my four-year accounting career trying to escape it, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still love numbers. My inner nerd will never fully die.

In sixth grade, I asked my mom if you could major in math in college during my school orientation (thankfully I quickly ditched that idea). In seventh grade, I got into football because my math teacher created a weekly fantasy game for us to play. In eighth grade, my math teacher said, “You know why people love football? Because it’s a bunch of guys running up and down a number line!” So true, Mr. Moyer! Numbers are fun!

In preparation for this weekend’s game, I have compiled a list of the 5 need-to-know numbers. Don’t worry, no algebra is involved. Although now that I think about it, it would’ve been kinda fun(ny) to make y’all solve systems of equations in order to figure them out…

Anyway! Here they are:

1 – Number that safety Jaylen Reed changed to, moving away from his previously worn 7. I immediately noticed that he was following in Jaquan Brisker’s footsteps with this switch and was incredibly excited about it. Turns out, Reed did in fact make the switch because he wants to emulate Brisker, and that makes my heart swell. So if you see a #1 flying around on defense this year, sadly no, we did not save Brizzy from the Bears, but it is someone who could be one of the next great PSU safeties! Rumor has it that somehow, this secondary is going to be even more special than it was last year.

3 – Votes you can cast in the Board of Trustees election until May 4. If you haven’t yet done so, request your ballot here, and strongly consider who esteemed PSU lettermen Brandon Short and Michael Mauti have endorsed. By “strongly consider” I mean “I am begging you.”

If you previously requested a ballot and have yet to receive it, call (866) 307-0041 and let them know. Be annoying if you have to. You have my permission to be annoying. Embrace your inner Karen. You likely won’t have to, though. My mom called and she had hers in two minutes. But be prepared just in case. This is important.

18 – The lot that I will be tailgating in for what I assume will be most of the day on Saturday. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s right next to the stadium on the west side, across from the BJC. Also in Lot 18 will be Lions Legacy Club’s tailgate, beginning at noon. There you will find the chance to win signed merch, support our players, and meet legendary member of LBU and LLC letterman founder, Michael Mauti! I will also be there, if anyone cares. I’m not offended if you don’t. Either way, please stop by and say hi to at least one of us! Y’all know I love to meet my internet friends. I will try to tweet out a more specific location in the lot once it is set up.

29 – Pounds that freshman linebacker Tony Rojas has gained since early enrolling in January. In a good way! I personally don’t know what it’s like to be applauded for gaining weight, but I’m happy for him. CJF states that every time he sees Rojas at training table, he’s eating, and he’s always getting in an extra lift after practice. When I was a college athlete, I was only ever doing the first part.

The legacy of LBU is in great hands and impressively large arms.

103 – Days it has been since we last watched, and more importantly, tailgated Penn State football. Or maybe you rewatched old games the past few months and tailgated those in your living room. You know me, I’d never judge. It feels like yesterday and a million years ago all at once. Either way, we’ve earned this Saturday. Let’s make it a good one. We’ve got a historic season to prepare for.

…I lied. I have two more numbers. 15-0.

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