I’m totally kidding. The only thing that should be locked up tonight is my FanDuel account so I don’t end up homeless even though I live at my parents’ for free. I’m sure I’d find a way. Don’t listen to anything I say. But just for today, because I’m certain to write some fire blogs in the future, whether or not the gambling picks in them are of any use.

I placed even more bets than I wrote about in my blog this morning and the only one that hit was Mark Ingram over 65.5 rushing yards. We have yet to see what will happen with the Jags moneyline, but I’m feeling good. Not good enough to give out a pick tonight, but not so bad that I’m going to have a mental breakdown over it.

Tonight I’m on Kamara over 49.5 receiving yards, if anyone cares.

I hate betting on the NFL.

Everything sucks.

Have a nice evening.